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MLB Perfect Games
Chasing Perfection: An Inside Look at Baseball's Perfect Games

Dive into the rarity of perfect games in Major League Baseball with our Tableau dashboard and insightful statistics. Explore intriguing details like pitcher demographics, ages, and the most common months for perfection.

UI Style Guide
Design Captivating Enterprise Dashboards Using a Style Guide

Learn how to create stunning enterprise dashboards and mobile BI applications that engage users with a UI style guide. This solution will elevate your Business Intelligence projects with consistency and creativity.

ETL Dashboard
The ETL Dashboard: Your Secret Weapon for Data Integration Success

Discover the solution to ETL data-load failures with an ETL Dashboard that helps data leaders manage data integration processes and provides valuable insights for proactive decision-making.

MicroStrategy Enable Threshold on Graph
Assign Colors to MicroStrategy Graphs Using Thresholds

Step-by-step instructions and video on how to assign specific colors to MicroStrategy graphs using attribute elements and the option to enable threshold on graph.

Flat UI Colors
Color Palettes for Business Dashboards and Scorecards

Unlock the secrets to captivating data visualizations and elevate your analytics with expertly chosen colors that enhance user engagement.

MicroStrategy Custom Formatting
Formatting MicroStrategy Metrics to $1.0B, $1.0M, and $1.0K

Learn how MicroStrategy's custom formatting feature can dynamically abbreviate metrics in the billions (1.0B), millions (1.0M), and thousands (1.0K), saving screen real estate and enhancing data readability.

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