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MLB Perfect Games
Major League Baseball Perfect Games, Visualized

Over the 140+ year history of Major League Baseball, there have only been 23 official perfect games. The interactive visualization in this article provides insights into the games, their pitchers, locations, and when they occurred.

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UI Style Guide
Design Captivating Enterprise Dashboards Using a Style Guide

Learn to design and develop captivating enterprise dashboards using a Business Intelligence style guide. Everyone in your organization, from BI architects and developers to power users, will gain the ability to create award-winning enterprise visualizations.

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ETL Dashboard
Why Every Data Integration Leader Needs an ETL Dashboard

Data load issues in an Enterprise Data Integration department can be prevented by using an ETL dashboard to actively monitor ETL loads.

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MicroStrategy Visual Insight
Hiding the Toolbar in a MicroStrategy Visual Insight Dashboard Using CSS

Step by step instructions and video on how to hide the toolbar in a MicroStrategy Visual Insight Dashboard, using CSS inside an HTML Container.

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MicroStrategy Web Document Navigation Bar
Hiding the Navigation Bar in a MicroStrategy Web Document

Step by step instructions on how to hide the navigation bar in a MicroStrategy 10.x Web Document using CSS inside an HTML Container.

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MicroStrategy Mobile SDK
Rebranding MicroStrategy Mobile iOS SDK Using Xcode

High level steps, software and hardware requirements on how to rebrand the MicroStrategy Mobile iOS SDK with your organization's app icon, app name, and logon screen using Xcode to generate an .ipa file for distribution.

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MicroStrategy Enable Threshold on Graph
Assign Colors to MicroStrategy Graphs Using Thresholds

Step-by-step instructions and video on how to assign specific colors to MicroStrategy graphs using attribute elements and the option to enable threshold on graph.

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MicroStrategy Virtual Time Period Attribute
MicroStrategy Virtual Time Period Attribute: MTD, QTD, YTD

Step by step instructions on how to create a virtual time period attribute with the values MTD, QTD, YTD using a MicroStrategy Custom Group.

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Flat UI Colors
Color Palettes for Business Dashboards

Three professional color combinations for executive dashboards, Microsoft Excel graphs, data visualizations, infographics, or mobile BI applications.

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MicroStrategy Constant Metric
MicroStrategy Metric With a Constant Text or Number Value

How to create a MicroStrategy metric with fixed text or number value using pass-through expressions. To assign a constant number value of 7% to a metric, use pass-through expression: ApplySimple("#0", 0.07) in your metric definition.

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