Assign Colors to MicroStrategy Graphs Using Thresholds

MicroStrategy Enable Threshold on Graph

A request I often get from clients and business users when I am working on MicroStrategy dashboards or mobile BI applications is to assign specific colors to graphs based on attribute elements. Following the visualization above, on the Top 4 U.S. Wireless Providers Subscribers as of Q3-2016 as an example, requests like these can be achieved by using Thresholds based on attribute elements and selecting the option to Enable threshold on graph.

enable threshold on graph

add specific colors to microstrategy graphs

attribute elements thresholds

colors in microstrategy graphs

conditional formatting microstrategy graphs

enable threshold on graph

enable threshold on graph microstrategy

formatting a graph with specific colors microstrategy

microstrategy conditional formatting

microstrategy enable threshold on graph

microstrategy graphs threshold colors

microstrategy thresholds

threshold on attribute in microstrategy

To assign colors to MicroStrategy graphs using Thresholds, follow the step-by-step instructions below or scroll down to the bottom of the page to watch a how-to video.

1. Create a threshold for each Wireless Provider following their hex color codes: Verizon (#CD0012), AT&T (#009ED8), T-Mobile (#E30073), and Sprint (#FED138). In the threshold formatting properties window, assign the wireless providers branding colors to the Color and Lines > Fill > Color: section.

MicroStrategy threshold formatting properties which assign colors to graphs

2. For each threshold, select the option to Enable threshold on graph and hit OK.

MicroStrategy enable threshold on graph icon

Assigning Colors to MicroStrategy Graphs Using Thresholds Video

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Video Music: Bensound