My name is Adonis Salazar and over the last decade I’ve led and collaborated with a diverse array of Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, and Information Technology teams. Together we have enabled companies – ranging from medium-sized to Fortune 1000 – realize the value of their data through dashboards and Mobile Business Intelligence applications.

The core of my expertise is in the development and implementation of Enterprise Business Intelligence solutions using MicroStrategy, Tableau, and Power BI, resulting in dashboards and Mobile BI applications that are captivating and focus on ease of use.

My dozens of successful Business Intelligence projects help companies make better business decisions, monetize their data, automate processes, increase sales, and strengthen relationships with their trading partners/affiliates.

With every project, my overall objective is to design and develop quality, enterprise class-visualizations as displayed on my visual resume dashboard below. I hope you find the content on my website to be informative and useful.

Resume Dashboard
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