Design Captivating Enterprise Dashboards Using a Style Guide

May 26, 2018By Adonis SalazarData Visualization, MicroStrategy, SAP Business Objects, Tableau, UI - User Interface

If you’re looking for dashboard design inspiration or want to learn how to design and develop enterprise dashboards that will captivate your users, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I provide a sample UI style guide that will show everyone in your organization, from Business Intelligence architects and developers to business users, … Read More

Why Every Data Integration Leader Needs an ETL Dashboard

April 7, 2018By Adonis SalazarData Integration, Data Visualization, MicroStrategy, UI - User Interface

The Problem It is 4 a.m. Tuesday. The ETL job that populates revenue data into your organization’s data warehouse fails midway through the process, and IT Help Desk contacts the on-call ETL Architect. For the next three hours or so, the on-call ETL Architect determines what caused the data-load failure, fixes the issue, and restarts/monitors … Read More

Rebranding MicroStrategy Mobile iOS SDK Using Xcode

January 7, 2018By Adonis SalazarMicroStrategy

When I lead Mobile BI projects, part of my job is to rebrand and compile the MicroStrategy Mobile iOS SDK into an .ipa file. In layman’s terms, rebranding MicroStrategy Mobile consists of exchanging MicroStrategy’s mobile app’s name, icon, launch image, and login page with your organization’s using the mobile iOS SDK. There are other customization … Read More

Assign Colors to MicroStrategy Graphs Using Thresholds

December 23, 2017By Adonis SalazarMicroStrategy, UI - User Interface, UX - User Experience Design

A request I often get from clients and business users when I am working on MicroStrategy dashboards or mobile BI applications is to assign specific colors to graphs based on attribute elements. Following the visualization below, on the Top 4 U.S. Wireless Providers Subscribers as of Q3-2016 as an example, requests like these can be achieved … Read More