As analytics professionals, we encounter several challenges when we develop enterprise dashboards, data visualizations, or mobile BI applications. One of the challenges is selecting a color combination that will captivate our users. The other two challenges are providing the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) our users are looking for and creating a logical navigation workflow to drill down and analyze the data.

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This article addresses the first challenge by providing three professional color combinations you can use in your next MicroStrategy, SAP Business Objects, Tableau or Microsoft Power BI data visualization project.

From a design perspective, this is a reference guide for selecting professional color combinations for your dashboards, data visualizations, and analytical applications. On the other hand, a Dashboard Style Guide is a complete formatting document on how dashboards and data visualizations should be designed – it includes fonts, colors, graph types, tables, layouts, and their placement.

Before using any of the color combinations below, check with your organization’s Marketing or Design department to learn whether an approved color palette already exists. For your convenience, below are three sample dashboards formatted with a professional color combination and their hex color codes. Feel free to copy and paste the hex color codes underneath each dashboard into your business intelligence tool. To convert HEX color codes to RGB or any other color code, use ColorHex.

Business dashboards formatted with flat UI colors:

Professional business dashboard formatted with flat ui colors
HEX color codes used: #F1F1F1, #202020, #7E909A, #1C4E80, #A5D8DD, #EA6A47, #0091D5

Dashboard Colors: Light grey, black, dark grey, navy, light blue, orange, blue.


Website analytics dashboard formatted with material design colors
HEX color codes used: #B3C100, #CED2CC, #23282D, #4CB5F5, #1F3F49, #D32D41, #6AB187

Material Colors: Olive, white smoke, black, deep sky blue, midnight blue, crimson, sea green.


Enterprise dashboard formatted with a professional color combination
HEX color codes used: #000000, #AC3E31, #484848, #DBAE58, #DADADA, #20283E, #488A99

Material Design Colors: Black, fire brick, light black, goldenrod, light grey, dark blue, teal.


Dashboard Color Palettes:

Material colors for dashboards, data visualizations, business documents, and mobile applications
Helpful Links:

More color combinations: Canva Design School
Sample dashboard layouts: Sketch Repo
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